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"Alien Mutants is Coming" is the first episode of the American animated television series Mutants from Outer Space. It first aired on October 31, 2002 on Fox (although it had originally been scheduled to air November 27, 2002), and was created by series Michael Wildshill and Bob Camp. written by Jon Vitti and directed by David Silverman.


In space city, four bizarre-like mutant aliens called Jellio, a yellow glutton fatter gelatinous slime amorphous blob monster who speaks with Italian accent that mother gives a birth the egg he grows a egg body with tree branch stick was created by the astronaut inventor, Microtron 3000, a grey robot idiotic with two wheels who speaks with robotic vocal effects and green LED eyes, T.E.D., a goldfish orange Dexter-like alien mutant mad scientist doctor and professor inventor who working his laboratory castle, Meltate, a robot-like mutant liquid steel inside your body with blood type is black oil, screw, nut, rivet and bolt, with head is shaped like hexagonal dark grey nut, with single, round, black eye within it. Its body is a fluid, nut metal bracelet and single red and white coloured tail-like protrusion which resembles an magnet with circle rivet ball Melbolt get running then faster and energetic. Meanwhile, The mutants enters the real world over the city called Motorville, California, the three mutants growing up machine Age-O-Nator Machine zaps Jellio transforms into a elder them, let me in the gas station store getting eating and drinking, the police is coming the man got into the jail hears the TV news that something straight onto town. She going to the mutant house tower, and see the two children Vinny Phoenix and Megon Morton, she's come a create a mutant and a monster-like mutant alien called Bob, he meet a evil bully boy Mikey Anderson who fights the children and Mikey's girlfriend Shelly when capturing mutants. He goes outside and sees two boys Martin McD.D. and Lex Bunsen he gets laughing, Mr. and Mrs. Campfeld who talks overprotective his son Lucas Campfeld ready to grounded and college and then.

four mutants growing up machine zaps Jellio transform back into her young adult, actually start his anger, violence, playing, bouncing, screaming, dancing, baseball party, and crazy party house.


Voice cast

  • Edward Norton as Jellio
  • Tom Kenny as Microtron 3000, Man
  • Carlos Alazraqui as T.E.D./Mikdexter, Horrible Harry, Cop #2, Doctor
  • Rob Paulsen as Meltate, Lucas Campfeld, News Anchor
  • Tara Strong as Vinny Phoenix, Son, Sleek Robot, Kid, Mrs. Parker
  • Grey DeLisle as Shelly Toups, Charlie Maners
  • Debi Derryberry as Megon Morton
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Bob
  • Tress MacNeille as Computer
  • Kath Soucie as Mikey Anderson and Grand Cullagham
  • E.G. Daily as Martin McD.D.
  • Seth Green as Lex Bunsen
  • Jeff Bennett as Male Shopper, Mutant Assistant, Mischievous Gas Station Manager Man
  • Michael Wildshill as Father, Cop #1, Baseball Coach
  • Richard Kind and Susanne Blakeslee as Mr. and Mrs. Campfeld



This episode was very good reception, with critics praising it's story and how anything is set own.


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