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Quotes from the 2002 Fox Television Animation's Mutants from Outer Space episode Alien Mutants is Coming.

Cop #1: You say "freeze" and put your hand up, you're cute teenager.

T.E.D. (scene cut to gas station store; Jellio, Microtron 3000, Bob and Meltate in his gas station store cell, horrible with three mutants are eating food and drinking, T.E.D. eats cheeseburger of him on their bags package) (munching and chewing) (in mouth full) Oh, sweet! he tries to back him, I knew it was package much better for this. (gulping)

Microtron 3000: Look at this, figures don't closed in sale $9,99 there! What were they thinking?!

Meltate: (awkward pause, silence and start his talk) What?

Bob: What are you talking about?

Jellio: (elder voice) What the...? Ugh, no! I missing my beat your face on space city, my gooey and now your mutants? These gross! I do not wanna too being an elder that! I want go of my laboratory in space home in here Mutantopolis' Command Captain King and Captain Queen! (sobbing hysterically)

Jellio: (T.E.D. smiles; she putting the Age-O-Nator in Jellio's eyes and his moved back to "Young Adult".)

T.E.D.: Ah, Jellio, what it something mutants and aliens looked here a young adult inside of you.

Microtron 3000: Ready?

Bob: Set?

Meltate: Go! Come on, be our wind!

Jellio: Let's getting I shoots a young adult again!

(Microtron 3000, T.E.D. and Meltate put on Age-O-Nator Machine electric zapping turns Jellio back into her young adult myself; here is no stronger an elder)

Jellio: I'm really working! Whoo-hooo!

Microtron 3000, T.E.D., Bob and Meltate: (fourth both singing) Got we made it for yet, Turns back mode it right ya!