20th Century Fox FANON

This is a list of Twentieth Century Fox Animation shorts and featurettes that accompanied feature films in their theatrical releases by 20th Century Fox.

Year Short Feature
1997 'Alaina Gleen: Box-Office-Gleen' Anastasia
2002 Jose Maldonado: Treasure Quest Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
2004 Ice Age: Gone Nutty Garfield: The Movie
Foxtoons: History of Cinema The Alaina Gleen Movie
2006 The Mushies! Puppet Pals
2007 Untitled Eric & Diesel short The Simpsons Movie
Ice Age: No Time For Nuts Kate & Chris
2008 Eric & Diesel: The Night Out The Logan & Luke Movie
2010 The Mushies! Save Xmas Puppet Pals 2
Puppet Pals: Camp Zack Alaina Gleen
2012 Kate & Chris: SuperChuck Little Lily
The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare Ice Age: Continental Drift
Puppet Pals the Third
2013 Crystal Ever After Alaina Gleen 2
2015 Puppet Pals: Zack's EXTREME Party Alexis & Nate
2016 Witch School Crystal: Coming of Darkness
Alaina Gleen: Alien Pet Toon Party
2017 Yellow Umbrella Alaina Gleen 3
2018 Volcano Island Kate & Chris: Back in Action
Stars Puppet Pals: Forever After
2019 Young Birds Little Lily: Lost in the Internet
2020 Lemonade Love Toon Party: Spaced Out