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Full credits for Kate & Chris: Back in Action, However, since there are no opening credits, except for the opening logos and the film's title, this page only shows the closing credits for the movie.

Closing Credits

First Part of the Credits

Written and Directed by
Nicholas Stoller

Directed by
Mike Miller

Screenplay by
Peter Ackerman
Wallace Wolodarsky & Ian Southwood

Story by
Eric Stern
Danelle Davenport

Produced by
Jim Lemley

Executive Producer
Eric Stern

Edited by
John Venzon
Shannon Stein

Music by
Mark Mothersbaugh
John Powell

Music Supervisor
Gabe Hilfer

Visual Effects Supervisor
Bert Van Brande

Art Director
Craig Kellman

Anne Hathaway

Elijah Wood

Will Ferrell

Jack Black

Justin Long

Steve Buscemi

Kristen Bell

Josh Gad

Katie Crown

Gina Rodriguez

Kristen Wiig

Jason Drucker

John C. Reilly

Allison Janney

and Nick Offerman

Production Supervisor
Anthony Nisi

Sound Designers
Steve Boeddeker
Christopher Boyes

Supervising Sound Editors
Ethan Van der Ryn
Erik Aadahl

Casting by
Mary Hidalgo
Matthew Jon Beck, Associate

Fox Animation Studios