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Home video releases of Mutants from Outer Space.

All video releases listed below were distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

US/Canada releases


Cover Title Released Notes
TBD Megon Supermoon November 4, 2003 Episodes:
  • "Experiment Secret"
  • "The Cosmic Blue"
  • "When Evil Aliens Attack"
  • "Lost in Space"
  • "Odyssey Power"
TBD Mutants Unlimited November 4, 2003 Episodes:
  • "Electric Wooden"
  • "Evil Girlfriend"
  • "Fire vs. Ice"
  • "The Blob Clones"
  • "Poison Body"
TBD Nebula Away of Planet November 4, 2003 Episodes:
  • "Fall Soldier and the Brain Grosses"
  • "Jellio's Rules"
  • "Cowardly Rapbits"
  • "Crystallized Megon"
  • "Zombie Foods"
TBD Mutants Spaced Out of Earth December 2, 2003 Episodes:
TBD Mutants' Best Wish Merry Christmas Ever December 16, 2003 Episodes:
  • "Jellio's Mutated Christmas Dream"

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