20th Century Fox FANON
  1. AMC Theatres "Coming Soon" Bumper (2009-2013)
  2. Wreck It Ralph trailer
  3. Parental Guidance trailer
  4. Rise of the Guardians trailer
  5. Frankenweenie trailer
  6. Monsters, Inc. 3D trailer
  7. Life of Pi trailer
  8. Epic teaser trailer
  9. AMC Theatres "Silence Is Golden" Bumper (Puppet Pals the Third variant)
  10. AMC Theatres "Feature Presentation" Bumper (2009-2013)
  11. The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare short
  12. 20th Century Fox logo
  13. Fox Animation Studios logo
  14. Universal Pictures 100th Anniversary logo
  15. Disney logo