20th Century Fox FANON
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  • Marge Simpson: Homer, you have to go out there, face that mob, and apologize for what you did.
  • Homer Simpson: I would, but I'm afraid if I open the door, they'll take all of you!
  • Carl: No we won't. We just want Homer!
  • Homer Simpson: Well, maybe not you, but they'll kill Grandpa!
  • Grampa: I'm part of the mob!
  • NSA Worker: Hey everybody, I found one! The government actually found someone we're looking for! YEAH, BABY, YEAH!
  • [about the Itchy and Scratchy movie in the cinema hall]
  • Homer Simpson: I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free! If you ask me, everybody in this theater is a giant sucker! Especially you!
  • [points to us]
  • [Bart puts a black bra on his head]
  • Bart Simpson: [in the voice of a cartoon mouse] I'm the mascot of an evil corporation!
  • [Bart claps]
  • Lisa Simpson: What are you doing, Bart?
  • Bart Simpson: Eh, just passing the time.
  • [Bart claps, snow repeatedly falls on Homer]
  • Homer Simpson: Aw, my boy loves Alaska so much, he's applauding it. Lisa, why aren't you clapping?
  • Lisa Simpson: But Dad!
  • Homer Simpson: [sternly] Clap for Alaska!
  • [Lisa claps along with Bart]
  • Homer Simpson: [Homer is buried under an avalanche]
  • Ticker: Watch 'Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?' on FOX. That's right, we even advertise our shows during movies now.
  • Ralph Wiggum: [after Bart skates by, naked] I like men now.
  • Tom Hanks: This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please, leave me be.