20th Century Fox FANON

the merger was inspired by the Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

This idea is old, as it is replaced by Viacom-Fox Media, and then New 20th Century Fox.

ViacomCBSFOX Corporation is an American multinational mass media conglomerate corporation founded in September 1, 2021.


on January 17th, 2021 (the one year anniversary of Disney starting to remove the Fox name from the Fox properties), The Walt Disney Company announced to spin off all of the Fox properties that they acquired in 2019 to Fox Corporation for 75 billion dollars which includes 20th Century Studios, a stake in Hulu, the cable networks (including Freeform), the pre-1970 Disney cartoons, Fox Networks Group, and Disneyland Anahiem. And so that would later change both 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures' names back to 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures. one day later, Fox Corporation announced that it would relaunch Blue Sky Studios. 2 weeks later, Disney announced that it would keep the rights to the Star brand outside Asia. Later the following month, News Corp announced that it would use its money to buy Starz and Summit Entertainment from Lionsgate for 4 billion while they use the rest of their money to merge with ViacomCBS. But since the U.S. goverment didn't allow ViacomCBS and Fox Corporation to have more than two broadcast networks (The CW doesn't count because Warner Bros. owns a 50% stake in the network) so the 2 units, 20th Century Fox Communications and Paramount Corporation were launched so that would make ViacomCBSFOX become more of a holdings company. Until then, private equity company, Apax Partners decided to own the merged company as well as Verizon Communications and Hasbro buying in as well, Which forced Hasbro to sell all of its shares of Discovery Family to Discovery. And later, Fox Broadcasting Company brought a 25% stake in MeTV while and a minority stake in Canadian broadcaster, Corus Entertainment. On September 1, 2021, ViacomCBSFOX Corporation was launched. On November the 13th, (2 months after the merged company was launched) ViacomCBSFOX Corporation decided to sell its headquarters in One Astor Plaza, moving operations to News Corp's Headquarters and 20th Century Fox's Hollywood lot (for the cable networks) and the CBS New York broadcast station. (for CBS's broadcast operations). and later the following day, ViacomCBSFOX decided to sign a deal with Merlin Entertainment (the company that operates Legoland) to do an entire revamp for Disneyland Anaheim and replace all Disney properties with 20th Century Fox and Paramount-owned properties. And the name of the new park is called "20th Century Fox Anaheim". ViacomCBSFOX Corporation later formed 8 Entertainment Corporation in September 24, 2021. later the following day, ViacomCBSFOX Corporation brought the british broadcaster ITV, and after its aquisition of ITV, this caused the company to spin off Channel 5 (along with its sister channels except Paramount Network UK) into an independent TV channel. And in that same day, ViacomCBSFOX Corporation plans to buy Lionsgate Entertainment. And 2 days later AT&T decided to purchase Verizon Communications after ViacomCBSFOX's merger with Lionsgate and its spinoff of Warner Media.


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  • Paramount Corporation - the unit of ViacomCBSFOX that has all the assets from ViacomCBS before the merger
  • 8 Entertainment Corporation - the parent company of Channel 8, which is located at the UK.