20th Century Fox FANON

This was inspired by Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, which happened 2 years ago (2019) at the time I make this message.

ViacomCBSFOX Corporation.jpeg

The acquisition of Lionsgate by ViacomCBSFOX Corporation has been announced in May 22, 2022. Among other key assets, the acquisition of Lionsgate by ViacomCBSFOX Corporation includes the Lionsgate film and television studios and others to ViacomCBSFOX Corporation. Immediately preceding the acquisition, Lionsgate spins off MoviePlex, International Distribution Company, Spyglass Media Group (20%), Roadside Attractions (45%), Grindstone Entertainment Group, Studio L, Manga Entertainment, Elevation Sales, Primal Media, Potboiler Television (joint venture with Potboiler Productions), Debmar-Mercury, Sea to Sky Entertainment, Pilgrim Studios, 1620 Media and 3 Arts Entertainment (majority stake) to the not-yet-formed New Lionsgate Telecommunications.